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Newsletter: August 2017

Trojan Alumni Varsity Club

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May Meeting—May 1, 2018

This Month’s Meeting:

This month the club hosted the Parkland boys’ soccer fourteen seniors members and coach, Pat Birns. Coach Birns mentioned the eleven championships the boys’ soccer team has won over the past seven years. He also discussed how the team’s culture of taking responsibility for their actions on and off the field has inspired integrity in the boys. There is a balance of happiness and hunger on the field, and their main attack strategy is to stay forward, towards the goal to keep pressure on the opposing team. Coach Birns also joked that the number four is the team’s lucky number, as that’s how many times they’ve bested Emmaus. Coach Birns then invited the boys up to the podium to discuss the culture of their team.

Dylan Fejes started the commentary off, noting that how long the boys have played together has contributed to the closeness on the team. Dawson Berger talked about the team experience, Adam Weaver talked about the love they have for each other, and Matt Lytle noted the trust between teammates. Hunter Jones went on to talk about their team support, Dylan Fasnacht spoke about their history together, Owen Iacobelli mentioned how much fun they’ve had on the field, and Bryce Evans commented on the hard work and work ethic each player has put into soccer. Josh Kiser said that they’re all best friends, Garrett Ordway discussed the team closeness, and Connor Morris joked that the team has the most overrated goalie in the Valley. Jacob Varrato noted the boys’ strong ability to compete, Andrew Luchansky mentioned the competitiveness of the team and how they push themselves to be better than their opponents, and Gio Recchia noted how the boys always try to incorporate the underclassmen into the team.

The secretary reports were given and approved.

The club gave Elmer a round of applause and thanked him for the success of the March meeting, where all-state athletes from Parkland joined the club as the guest.

Sam Raub spoke about the Dine and Donate coming up on May 9th. He needs help getting out tickets, if everyone can take five tickets that will help. There is a discount at Kornfeind’s, and selling is preferable.

Charlene spoke about the $1400 in donations the club received from sponsorships, and as of right now there are two raffle prizes.

Hank announced updates about the scholarship status. The application closed the 27th, and the club received about 16 applications. This is around the same amount as last year, possibly more. Hank recommended a better advertising system, as when he spoke with the boys on the soccer team, many of them did not know about the scholarship. The awards for the scholarship will be held May 30th.

The next meeting will be outside at Iron Lakes on June 5th at 6:30 p.m. We will welcome Bob and Roger Bitler as guests as we dedicate the meeting to Whitey Bitler who recently passed. We will celebrate his memory with some articles and memories.We also hope to have some speakers talk about American Legion Baseball.