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Newsletter: August 2017

Trojan Alumni Varsity Club

P.O. Box 51 Orefield, PA 18069


This month the club was joined by Bob Banzhoff and Harley Wenninger. Bob discussed the large meeting for Parkland sports. He talked about how the coaching box has been extended for basketball, because there is more of an opportunity to coach the game from the sidelines. He also went on to describe different warnings and technicals for basketball, and fouls are now being recorded similar to collegiate protocol for fouls. After Bob spoke, a movie was played, WWII: Termination of Tokyo. The movie discussed the S.S. San Diego, and the features of the warships and many of the officers and soldiers who served in the war effort. After the movie, Harley Wenninger spoke of his personal WWII experiences. He served in the navy on the S.S. San Diego, and spoke about how they never had a casualty. He also noted how young he was when he joined the war effort, and gave more descriptions of his service. 

Treasury and Secretary reports given and approved. 

Sam Raub briefly spoke about the Dine and Donate, which earned $147. 

Dennis spoke about officer elections, and noted that all positions and officers are up for election or reelection. The ballot is: 

      • President: Ron Bealer
      • 1st Vice President: Henry Kunkel 
      • 2nd Vice President: Tom George
      • Secretary: Charlene Miller
      • Treasurer: Jeff Grim
      • 1 Year Term Board Members: Bob Everett, Larry Bernhard, Elmer Heiney, Dennis Reiss
      • 2 Year Term Board Members: Frank Modrick, Keith Williams, Robert Banzhoff, Sam Raub
      • 3 Year Term Board Members: Rick Trumbauer, Al Mansteller, Marv Bortz, Dale Snyder

There is no Turkey Trot this year. The Christmas party will be at Iron Lakes on December 14th at 6:30 p.m. The cost is $25 a person. Call Jeff Grim for reservations at 610-398-1673 or 610-972-8806 before December 1st. It is also possible to make reservations via email, at